Solar Inventions

Accelerating clean energy innovation

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Our Story

Solar Inventions was created with a mission to accelerate the pace of innovation in solar and other clean energy solutions.

Our first wave of products are based on the work of Dr. Ben Damiani. His breakthroughs in the fundamental science of photovoltaics expand the flexibility and effectiveness of traditional solar technology. Unlike most solar innovations, our products compliment existing technologies and don't require new equipment or manufacturing techniques. Our benefits include increased power, improved shading tolerance, and reduced hotspot risk.

Our technology received a substantial boost in late 2019 when we were announced as the first-ever winners of the Department of Energy’s American Made Solar Prize. Read more here.


The Global Solar Opportunity

Solar power is remaking the global energy landscape.

Over the last 40 years, solar cells have dropped in cost by more than 99.5% (from $76/watt to less than $0.25/watt). And, in 2016, the cost of solar energy became less than coal, nuclear, and many types of natural gas. Best of all, most experts agree there are countless opportunities for even lower costs in the coming years. This unprecedented drop in price is possible because solar is a technology not a fuel - the economics of solar power are driven by the same technologies enabling decades of price drops in microchips. 

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Driven by these ever-lowering prices, solar energy has become the fastest growing form of new energy on the world's grids. The worldwide market for solar installations is over $100 billion per year and it is expected to continue growing for decades. 

Solar Inventions’ Technology


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Solar Inventions products can help improve the costs, effectiveness, and functionality of nearly all the solar cells and panels being built now and into the future. We are working with a select set of partners to bring our innovations to the markets across the world in 2019.